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First Circuit Court of Appeals - Supreme Court Case

Destroying social media

Tweets to Supreme Court

Twitter moment

William Barr letter

Supreme Court Letters,

Massachusetts Supreme Appeal  Supplemental Brief

Supreme Court case turned in w/ YouTube case on same day
one tracking for each case






Supreme Court Tracking  Delivered on June 17, 2019


Corrupt Judge in MA allowed to keep salary while she let an illegal evade ICE & tampered w/ court equipment to shut off the hearing

45+ years in MA was all about corruption,  I had to flee to save my life

I was a "me too" victim from my job, the GM tried to get me to sleep w/ him at our Christmas party, when I said no, and left, I was fired 30 days later.  

I sued, but they retaliated against me, & left me penniless and then went on to gas light me, for more than 7 years.

Many more sexual harassment cases have arisen now

I could never get the FBI to look into the crimes I reported in MA,  they were so corrupt,  part of Liberalism

Judicial Case - Abuse of power dating back to 1962

WHY was gas lighting used on me?   Answer - to hide the guilt of their crimes and make me live in fear

McCarthyism used on me as well

Antritrust laws being investigated - Google, Facebook Etc

Here's Trey Gowdy in 2015 w/ the corrupt gov't in place but pointing out how the Constitution has been ignored, 
this video made in 2015
Trey Gowdy Grills DHS Official on Due Process 

Alan Dershowitz on the presumption of innocence

The presumption of innocence is real and important. It cannot be invoked selectively only for certain crimes. If you reject it for one, you reject it for all.

Look what they did to Kayne,  they do this to everyone

Medical Kidnapping

Trump hiring judges that obey the Constitution

May 1, 2019  William Barr  We have to stop using the criminal justice system as a political weapon Boston Globe writer urges restaurants to tamper w/ the food of Republicans
This is HOW these people think,  criminal minds 

The  Coup against Trump,  the same coup against me in MA, 
no rule of law

MA - Judge arrested for helping illegal out the back door to evade ICE

Mike Huckabee covering the Coup of corrupt gov't back a few years ago

The Boston Globe published and later removed an article written by Luke O’Neill pictured here. O’Neill urged waiters and waitresses to tamper with or contaminate food served at restaurants to Trump administration staff! Luke encouraged waiters to “bleed and pee” on their food! 😮

In MA  You cannot be a Conservative,  this person suspended for "liking" tweets

Hippa Law Protection

This is Dr. Irma Rasmussen,  the doctor that drugged me, and a defaulted Defendant in this lawsuit.
She switched my blood pressure medication for a different drug, for a very damaging result

She should be charged w/ attempted murder, or worse

She lied to me, over medicated me, gave me drugs I did not need,  tried to give me drugs, shots, vaccines, you name it,  but worse than that, when I had NEVER had any medical issues, when the conspirators wanted to "give me a fake diagnosis, she is the one that switched my medicine.  

She refused all documents on this lawsuit  Here is the March 2019 request for a default ruling, they all defaulted,  she returned this also.  When she was served the lawsuit, she refused the service as well. 

Unlawfully dismissed case

Request for a default ruling and the false record expunged



NOTICE: Summary decisions issued by the Appeals Court pursuant to its rule 1:28, as amended by 73 Mass. App. Ct. 1001 (2009), are primarily directed to the parties and, therefore, may not fully address the facts of the case or the panel's decisional rationale. Moreover, such decisions are not circulated to the entire court and, therefore, represent only the views of the panel that decided the case. A summary decision pursuant to rule 1:28 issued after February 25, 2008, may be cited for its persuasive value but, because of the limitations noted above, not as binding precedent. See Chace v. Curran, 71 Mass. App. Ct. 258, 260 n.4 (2008). COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS APPEALS COURT 18-P-506 COMMONWEALTH vs. NATASHA DELIMA. MEMORANDUM AND ORDER PURSUANT TO RULE 1:28 The defendant appeals from her conviction, after a jury trial, of violating a harassment prevention order (HPO). G. L. c. 258E, § 9. She argues that there was insufficient evidence that she engaged in any harassment in violation of the HPO. We agree, and we therefore reverse the conviction, without reaching any of the numerous other issues she raises. Background. Viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the Commonwealth, see Commonwealth v. Latimore, 378 Mass. 671, 677 (1979), the jury could have found the following facts. The defendant lived next door to a man whom we shall identify by his initials, P.C., and P.C.'s two minor children. In December, 2014, P.C. obtained a HPO requiring that the defendant not abuse or harass him and that the defendant remain 2 away from P.C.'s apartment. The HPO did not include a "no contact" provision. In January, 2015, P.C. became aware of a video posted on YouTube in which the defendant spoke to the camera about a conflict between herself and P.C., involving his children. The defendant suggested that the conflict had led P.C. to file false charges against her that would require a trial.1 The defendant stated that she had "had to contact . . . DSS," a reference to the Department of Social Services, now known as the Department of Children and Families (DCF).2 About a week after P.C. learned of the video, someone from DCF contacted him to say that DCF had received a report that he was abusing and neglecting his children. P.C. contacted local police to complain about the video. The police applied for and obtained issuance of a complaint charging the defendant with violating the HPO. At trial, the defendant admitted to having posted the video and calling DCF about P.C.'s treatment of his children, but she argued that the HPO could not prevent her from engaging in free speech. The jury returned a verdict of guilty. 1 The jury were not informed of the nature of the charges. 2 At trial the department was referred to variously as DSS and DCF. For clarity, we will use only the acronym DCF. 3 Discussion. The defendant argues that the type of speechbased "harassment" that may be prohibited and punished under c. 258E is limited to two categories: "fighting words" and "true threats."3 She asserts that there was insufficient evidence that her statements in the video or her call to DCF fell into either category. We agree. "The definition of 'harassment' in c. 258E was crafted by the Legislature to 'exclude constitutionally protected speech,' . . . and to limit the categories of constitutionally unprotected speech that may qualify as 'harassment' to two: 'fighting words' and 'true threats.'" Van Liew v. Stansfield, 474 Mass. 31, 37 (2016), quoting O'Brien v. Borowski, 461 Mass. 415, 425 (2012). Therefore, regardless of whether the defendant's speech constituted intimidation, it could not come within the c. 258E definition of "harassment" unless it satisfied the definition of either "fighting words" or "true threats." The jury heard no evidence that the defendant's speech met either definition. "To qualify as 'fighting words,' the words 'must be a direct personal insult addressed to a person, and they must be 3 The statute defines "harassment" in relevant part to mean "[three] or more acts of willful and malicious conduct aimed at a specific person committed with the intent to cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property and that does in fact cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property." G. L. c. 258E, § 1. 4 inherently likely to provoke violence.'" Id., quoting O'Brien, 461 Mass. at 423. "Fighting words" are "limited to 'face to face personal insult[s].'" C.E.R. v. P.C., 91 Mass. App. Ct. 124, 130 n.12 (2017), quoting Commonwealth v. Welch, 444 Mass. 80, 98-99 (2005), abrogated on another ground by O'Brien, 461 Mass. at 425 & n.7. Here, there was no evidence permitting the jury to find that the video or the complaint to DCF included any such insults. "As for 'true threats,' these include 'direct threats of imminent physical harm,' as well as 'words or actions that -- taking into account the context in which they arise -- cause the victim to fear such [imminent physical] harm now or in the future.'" Van Liew, 474 Mass. at 37, quoting O'Brien, 461 Mass. at 425. "And fear is narrowly defined as fear of physical harm or fear of physical damage to property; it must be more than 'a fear of economic loss, of unfavorable publicity, or of defeat at the ballot box." Id. at 37-38, quoting O'Brien, 461 Mass. at 427. Here, there was no evidence permitting the jury to find that the video or the complaint to DCF threatened, or caused P.C. to fear, any physical harm or physical damage to property at any time. The Commonwealth appears to contend that the defendant's speech, even if not "fighting words" or "true threats," constituted "intimidation" and therefore satisfied the c. 258E 5 definition of "harassment." The Commonwealth argues that the jury could have found that the defendant's speech was intended to intimidate P.C. by putting him in fear of DCF intervention in his relationship with his children, in order to deter him from pursuing the charges he had filed against her. This misses the point of Van Liew: even if speech is intimidating and constitutionally unprotected, it is not necessarily "harassment" under c. 258E. Rather, the Legislature has "limit[ed] the categories of constitutionally unprotected speech that may qualify as 'harassment' to two: 'fighting words' and 'true threats.'" Van Liew, 474 Mass. at 37. See A.R. v. L.C., 93 Mass. App. Ct. 758, 760 (2018). The Commonwealth also argues that the defendant's violation consisted of "falsely reporting [P.C.] to DCF." But here there was no evidence that whatever the defendant reported to DCF (and there was no testimony as to her exact words) was actually false. The most the jury heard on this issue was that P.C. retained full custody of his children. For those reasons, there was insufficient evidence of 6 "harassment" to support the conviction. Judgment reversed. Verdict set aside. Judgment for the defendant. By the Court (Agnes, Sacks & Ditkoff, JJ.4), Clerk Entered: February 8, 2019

I worked for over 35 years, 2 jobs most of the time, and owned my own business.  I lost everything after 9/11, my business had been in the mall.

My Fake charges stemmed from winning a case by default against the Marriott hotel, who defaulted after being served.  Instead of Judge Young ruling on the default, whatever he did for this unlawful move, he unlawfully dismissed my case, rather than issue a default ruling - part of the Constitution, and Federal rules.

Then they came after me, for telling the truth about what he did, and the FBI targeted me and my family, and my ex-husband, who would not go against me, even after divorce, 

Here is what they just did to Roger Stone, -watch Tucker Carlson, they did this same thing to me,

Much of this may not be understood by everyone, there are 3 cases in the First Circuit Court of Appeals at this time.

All being sent to Congress

January 2019 Update

My Tweet to the FBI, Senator Warren, MA AG Maura Healey, etc, since they are all criminals and do not do their jobs

In the case of my fake charges, and violation of an unserved Harssament order, put out by Judge Brendermuel, that was not served, did not have the requirements met (3 instances of harassment) was used to rig a case to give me a false criminal record.

As in video explains, the DA committed crime over crime and and helped destroy and cover for exculpatory evidence.  There were video surveillance tapes from my ex-neighbors's house that proved there were no crimes ever committed, and that this drug dealer was used to perjure himself in court, and they then destroyed those surveillance tapes.  

They then destroyed the court recordings, and this ex-neighbor's perjury in court records.

All of this was reported over and over, but this drug dealer was the only person that ever would perjure himself to testify against me.  He dealt drugs right out of his house.

The New DA perjured herself to the First Circuit to justify the rigged trial.

YouTube Case On Appeal  3rd Brief,  the Appellees never filed answers on parts 1 and 2

Inside the corrupt courts and secret courts in MA

Federal Judges ignore the Constitution, they do not use the law.  There is no presumption of innocence, and they force people to live up to fake charges, lies, crimes that disgusting democrats commit, and if you tell, they try to destroy you.

Letter to first circuit judges, they have 3 cases in their court that are about me, or my own cases, and they ignore the rule of law.

October 2, 2018

The appeals court is trying to state that there were not grounds to file an interlocutory appeal, and sent a show cause order,  here is my response

Also, the attorneys never filed any response to a brief served upon them in late August, here is the Request for a default ruling

Request for default ruling on no one filing for an appearance for Blogspot

Sean Hannity, the night before Judge Kavanaugh, but listen to the hit jobs that democrats do to a person's life, when you don't follow their narrative

Trump's New Executive Order applies to all of the federal courts, the judges, the internet, the democrats, etc.

Executive Order on Human Rights Abuses

Look at how our "justice system" really works, if you are a "democrat" you are fine, if you support the Constitution, and our current President, you are guilty even if they have to commit crimes to pretend you are guilty

Massachusetts uses McCarthyism on many, and they did this on me.

This is my old house that I rented, I lived there for 18 years, and owned a business in MA for about 25 years, I had a wedding business, a candy store, and a business in the mall during those years.  I have never committed a crime, done drugs, or smoke.

My ex neighbor sold Valium and Vicodin for $20 a pill, he tried to make me a customer

I was forced to leave everyone I knew, my own family, and friends after being a MA resident for about 49 years.  I was taking care of my dying father, when the state started blackmailing me, and trying to let him die without me there with him.  I fought them on my hands and knees and they kept chasing me even after I moved.  Here is why they did this:


When Judge Young unlawfully dismissed a case I won for $4.5 Million dollars against the Marriott for sexual harassment, their attorney never filed for an appearance, nor filed any answer, Judge Young, who had stated that I needed to leave the case in his court because it was worth over $75,000, ending up what???  Did he take a bribe?  When he dismissed it, I told the truth on YouTube, and he then was humiliated, and invented false charges to bully me into silence and dropping the appeal.
The false charges were dropped, but they did not stop there, they put a hit on my life, my family, and my social security number, and never stopped sending the cops and FBI after me.

Dismissed charges meant nothing, it meant they would continue to stalk me, until they could make something up, and they did.  They got my ex neighbor, drug dealer to make up fake charges, and I was found not guilty at trial in May in Ayer Court.  I moved so I have to try to find a copy of that verdict, but it's "not guilty".  As everyone knows, I am HERE, therefore, found innocent.

They forced me to have a rigged trial in 2017, and my attorney was the only one that had the evidence that they had erased more than 25 court transcripts, all of my testimony, and Judge Brendermuel, ordering a fake harassment order using a drug dealer.

When the exculpatory evidence is "erased", the case is then automatically dismissed, but in my case, they forced me to remove my own lawyer, so he could testify that the transcripts were erased, and forced me to represent myself , when everyone charged w/ a crime, has a right to an attorney.  The judge ordered me to proceed without an attorney, and then proceeded to change the trials, put on a different case, and not allow in the evidence.   Here is his motion to dismiss the case, since they destroyed the evidence.

My rigged trial on appeal.  The state wants to have it both ways.  I was drugged by the Commonwealth, not once, but 3 times.  They do this to give you a false medical record, and tamper w/ your state of mind.  I still have my pill bottle, and the pills that are not lisinopril, for blood pressure, they put something else in my bottle, and it was intentional.  From there, they tried to invent a fake crime that never happened, and my neighbors knew something was wrong w/ me, and they helped me.  They thought in this "state of mind" I would forget details like in court when Judge Brendermuehl ignored that kids were being hit by their dad, and that their dad was dealing drugs, and that she ordered a fake harassment order.   However I remembered.  In the appeal, they discuss that if I was declared incompetent by the pills, then they can't also "try me" for a crime committed in that state of mind, and also declare me competent to represent myself at trial.  All of which are true.  My lawyer did a great job, with how many criminal acts the Commonwealth of MA committed to give ma a false record.


Judge Cremins of Ayer Court - who was forced into early retirement, refused to grant this motion and dismiss the case.

Judge Stoddard of Framingham court was forced into early retirement, and he was party to all of this as well, and his order to dismiss the harassment order in January 2016, was ignored, on an unserved harassment order, when I had moved in 2015.

The court in Framingham is so corrupt, that they refused to give me personal injury money, when I was struck by a girl on her phone, and won that case by default.  No one filed for an apperance in that case as well.  Judge Cunis is sitting on that case today, many years later, refusing to issue a default ruling.

Case 1 on appeal is my fake violation of a harassment order by having a YouTube channel.  The Commonwealth of MA, spent 5 years, and over $2M, 80+ hearings, in order to give me that "record".  They destroyed court transcripts in Framingham, Ayer, Woburn, and Worcester courts, in order to hide the crimes on the courts.

Case 2 on Appeal  - I sued 11 of the 18 parties, including the Marriott in Boston Federal Court, Judge Sorokin, dismissed the case, and no party ever filed for an appearance on the appeal.

Case 3 Is YouTube, Twitter, Google, Blogspot, GoFundMe, Patreon, Facebook
4 of the 7 defendants defaulted, their attorneys did not file for appearances.

NH court has ruled against virtual property rights, and 2 executive orders, and rules for libel, defamation, and unpaid wages.

These people want to assure that no one is ever held accountable, and that makes them party to all of the crimes.

Judges are not using the Constitution, but using McCarthyism, and a host of other crimes, up to and including payoffs in some cases.

We have to fight, and fight hard, against what is wrong, and since I have never committed a crime, and they are all lying, and they are criminals, they want to lie about anyone else, and they don't care.

They will have 3 cases on appeal,  my fake criminal charge case, in which they forced me to represent myself against a false unserved harassment order, that did not meet the criteria of 3 instances of harassment to even be issued,
2) it was ISSUED by Judge Brendermuel who used a drug dealer that did over 10 years in jail for crimes & lost custody of his 3 kids, then went and had 2 more, and returned to selling drugs and prescriptions pills on the street.
3) It was never served
4) In 2015, I moved out of state, the small boys that were in the fake order, are now teenagers, and as tall as I am, and it was reissued since the court is using McCarthyism, and neither myself, or the drug dealer lived at the residence in the order.   The drug dealer now grows and sells pot, along with other drugs.  That is the only person they could get to perjure themselves in court.

The court destroyed all records, and the video tapes to prove that no crime ever happened.

The drug dealer's mother came to testify against her own son, (so painful) but she would not lie for him, she knew nothing happened, and he made it up.  He wanted his right to sell drugs, and he texted me trying to sell me Valium.

Appeals courts are as corrupt as lower courts, and they don't do their jobs.  They only reverse about 5% of cases, while getting a paycheck and allowing unlawful rulings to stand.

Their  issue with me, is that they are "mad" at me for exposing their crimes and fighting for my rights, and they are all bullies, and hate that I use the Constitution, and can appear pro-se.

All judges in these matters have been "partial" and ignored the law, and my rights.  None of them abide by any law, they ignore the Constitution 100%, and are party to crimes and more.

If we do not expose their corruption, they will continue to do this.  I stated once that these people were like communists, and a dictatorship, no one would listen.  Now MA has had massive corruption exposed, and they need to end my "fake profile" and abide by the law.

I am due compensation, and my fake profile removed, and my insurance money for being injured.  And in the YouTube case, I am due my  own earnings, and my own name on Google, and the bullying to stop.

YouTube Case

MA Case in Boston Federal Court

July 2020 news

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